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Replacing two small box hedges... with what?

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ohgoshIdontknow Thu 11-May-17 22:04:52

We live in London and have two box hedges in raised beds, each about three feet long and a foot and a half wide.

Both have sadly been destroyed by the box hedge caterpillar. I've been fighting them for a year or two but have lost and the hedges need to come out.

What shall I replace them with? I just want something green and hedgey - to be about two feet high (obvs I can trim it).

I don't really like yew in small amounts (if I had a country garden I'd love it), so I'm looking for alternatives. Someone said griselinia to me.

Any thoughts very welcome!

Thank you

everywhichway Thu 11-May-17 22:26:55

Ilex Crenata is what is often recommended as an alternative to Box. Very versatile and you can clip it in a similar way.

ohgoshIdontknow Sat 13-May-17 18:37:29

Thank you so much, I shall google t straight away!

Really appreciate your help.

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