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Damson Tree Help

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CatsandOatcakes Tue 09-May-17 08:36:17

My Damson tree is having problems.
The leaves have come through ok and were looking lovely but are now starting to curl and die. They have holes in as if they have been eaten. This has happened for a couple of years or so and there is hardly any fruit in the Autumn and what there is looks poor.
Can anyone suggest a care plan for my poor tree. I had visions of baskets full of fruit but it's just not happening.

BartiDdu Mon 29-May-17 23:37:57

Sounds like your tree may be suffering from an infestation of plum aphids. Plum aphids are tiny, so can be difficult to spot, and cause new leaves to curl.

Here are some suggestions for how to treat your It's worth noting that the type of aphid that causes leaves to curl will leave the tree around May, so there may not be much point treating the tree at this time of the year.

If it's a recurring problem, I've heard that applying a winter wash later in the year is very effective at keeping the problem under control.

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