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Why is my wisteria suddenly wilting?

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alabasterangel Sun 07-May-17 20:45:44

It's second year in location but was brought as a grafted plant capable of immediate bloom. I had an identical plant from the same seller in our old house and the plant thrived.

It's a sinensis. It's probably 7ft tall and planted on a south facing brick wall. It was planted in April last year and followed end of May/June and died back after summer as it should.

This year it sprang to life - amazing clusters of luck green baby leaves and some buds. Then at some point about 10 days ago it just started looking awful.

The bigger leaves are withering, going dry and then falling off I've lots loads. It's not just the leaves either its each mini branch back to the main branch which falls off.

We did have a very warm start to the week and I did let the soil get drier than usual, but not parched. I've watered a couple of litres every night since then but I'm concerned to over water.

Any ideas, please? I don't want to loose it.

alabasterangel Sun 07-May-17 20:47:25

Excuse awful typing
*flowered not followed
*lush not luck

junglie Mon 08-May-17 13:36:16

Mine has done that and it was down to the late frost. It was doing brilliantly until then and I had high hopes for it but it's suffered quite badly. It took a few days for the effect to be seen so I'd thought it was ok at first.

alabasterangel Mon 08-May-17 20:44:43

Thank you. Theoretically it could have been - we had a cold few days but we're in the midlands and I certainly didn't see any other plants suffer. However I could be wrong.

Did yours look similar? Will it come back? I feel quite sad!

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 08-May-17 20:50:11

DP is a gardener and says it's frost damage but there is a healthy looking shoot in the second picture so do not disparity, give it time and a feed and it should recover.

MaidenMotherCrone Mon 08-May-17 20:50:52

Despair not disparity lol

alabasterangel Mon 08-May-17 23:34:53

thank you! There are several little baby leaf fronds but they were there before the illness (or frost!) took hold. Am I to remain positive they will hold fast then? Poor thing.

Appreciate knowing I've not killed it though! Thank you.

lametamenameframe Wed 10-May-17 13:08:24

I took on a neglected wisteria in a pot last year. It rallied really well this spring with lots of new growth, then the recent frost trashed all of the leaves, poor thing. No chance of flowers anyway, but I was going to plant it out by a pergola, which doesn't seem such an attractive idea now. Yours is looking in much better state than mine, OP.

alabasterangel Wed 10-May-17 22:41:41

I remain hopeful. The loss has decreased, although I'm still removing the odd leaf. I'll be happy if it survives and doesn't flower this year. Compromise and all that!

It's on such a sunny wall. I can only think it went a bit enthusiastic with the sun it got, only to face the consequences.

I'm keeping it all crossed.

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