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Buying a magnolia

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WhatToDo99 Mon 24-Apr-17 23:14:36

I'm in the market for a magnolia tree to go in my front garden. Not one that will get too massive, but which will have a nice blossom, sort of the classic white and pink magnolia shape petals.

Please could someone recommend the best sort to get, and where from if possible


TheFlyingFauxPas Mon 24-Apr-17 23:17:37

Do you have some patience? Mine (in a huge pot) flowered for the first time last year. I've had it about 8 years!

WhatToDo99 Mon 24-Apr-17 23:26:34

Oh dear! I'm planning on staying in this house for a long time, but that's a bit much! Maybe buying quite a mature/big one would be the answer? Though probably costly.

pansydePotter Tue 25-Apr-17 08:10:34

Crocus always supply excellent plants. They have one at the moment in a 12lt pot.

Afishcalledchips Tue 25-Apr-17 08:18:29

We got a magnolia from Lidl, IIRC it was about £12 for a 3 foot tree, in a pot. It flowered the next spring after I moved it into a bigger pot. It's actually still in there this year as I wanted to bring it with us when we move this summer. Despite the pot being probably far too small for it, it's flowered beautifully again this year.

C0RA Tue 25-Apr-17 08:22:15

You need to buy one of the cultivars that flowers early in its life . And that will like the conditions in your garden and grow to the correct size.

Is your front garden very big ? What other trees do you have in it ? Do you know what a magnolia looks like for the other 11 months of the year that it's not flowering and are you happy with that ? ( or perhaps 12 months for the first few years )

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