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Gardenonaroll - anyone used?

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keeponkeepinon Mon 24-Apr-17 13:26:54

So we live in a new build and I have not got the first idea about gardening and planting schemes but would like something pretty and relatively low maintenance. Something that keeps a little colour year round and doesn't need to be planted up annually with new plants.
After searching I came across which looks like a real solution for me as I have no clue what I am doing.
I have one raised bed 3m long x 50cm deep. This is largely empty except for a climbing rose, a peony and a camellia evenly spaced along the back. It gets nice and warm here with afternoon sun.

The other place I am considering is digging borders at the top of the garden, a c shape if you will, 3m one length going up the side of a wall, 5m across the top fence and 6m coming back down the other fence. The 6m length gets a bit less sun though I think most parts of the garden get a bit at some part of the day. I dont know how shallow you can make a border without it looking a bit pathetic, the narrowest on gardenonaroll are 40cm deep. We don't have a huge garden and while the kids are little I don't want to sacrifice too much lawn.

I like the look of the English country garden flowers best, the shady border on that website looks good too.
I just haven't a clue about a planting plan. Has anyone used this company.
Or is there somewhere you can find different sized planting schemes? Most of the ready ones I have looked at are 2m deep, I don't have that kind of space to give up for it. Not yet anyway.
Crocus ready beds also looked good, but their planting plan for the cottage garden was too deep. Would it work to just space plants out along a narrower bed?

Hope I am making sense. I literally don't know where to start....any advice appreciated!

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