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Planting out geraniums

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user1492797387 Fri 21-Apr-17 21:02:59

I grew some geraniums from seed and planted them out today because I was doing other jobs in the garden and thought I might as well. I'm now wondering if it's too early for them to be out? I've just been out and covered them (neighbours probably think I've lost it, tucking in the plants hmm) as it would be awkward to bring them in now.
So, am I a terrible gardener? Will they be ok?

Nomoocluck Fri 21-Apr-17 21:06:23

I'm not great at gardening but mine are have started producing new leaves after being dormant over winter so I'd imagine that it's fine. They are really really hardy. Thinking of putting another one in as they are so low maintenance yet colourful.

FATEdestiny Fri 21-Apr-17 21:09:00

I think I would find it pretty impossible to kill the geraniums in my garden.

They are incredibly hardy.

BarchesterFlowers Fri 21-Apr-17 21:09:00

Everything of mine is under glass, with a heater below 5 degrees. The forecast here (north) is down to 1 degree a couple of nights after the weekend.

ThePregosaurus Fri 21-Apr-17 21:50:05

Hmm ok, hopefully they'll be ok then! I'm in the South but will keep an eye on the temperature.
Thank you for the replies!

Numberonecook Fri 21-Apr-17 22:48:39

very hardy and should be ok outside. One tip i will offer though is plant in pots and sink into the ground where you want them. Depending on what type you have their roots shoot everywhere can can be quite invasive, i learnt this the hard way digging out 100s of plants smothering everything else.

MrTurtleLikesKisses Fri 21-Apr-17 23:02:19

That's a great tip, thank you! The garden has been neglected for a long time I think (moved in last year) so trying to make some improvements this year.

AnarchyKitty Sat 22-Apr-17 08:35:49

I grow mine in tubs and bring them into the boiler shed and the smaller ones in the house all winter. I'm keeping mine inside till end of May (They are my PFBgrin) as it's forecast snow on Tuesday where I am.

MrTurtleLikesKisses Sat 22-Apr-17 09:37:56

I've seen a news report this morning about freezing temperatures next week here too so I might have to just get them in. blush

sunnyhills Sat 22-Apr-17 10:38:34

user are you referring to hardy geraniums like this or these ones ?

I'm probably demonstrating how little I know ,maybe you can't grow the pelargonium ones from seed !

I'm v interested in all this planting out and hardening off malarkey as I've been growing on some teeny plug plants . I don't want to have to pot them on again and I'm anxiously waiting for it to be warm enough to plant out in SE London .

MrTurtleLikesKisses Sat 22-Apr-17 11:43:09

I don't know much about all this either. I bought a packet of seeds called "Geranium Early Mix" so I have no idea. Sorry!

BarchesterFlowers Sat 22-Apr-17 11:46:01

They are not hardy (well I googled your description) and they don't appear to be.

The blurb on those that came up says ...

Will not tolerate unheated greenhouses in early spring.
Once germinated reduce the temperature provided and thin to individual pots when large enough to handle.
Grow on under cover and slowly harden off to outside conditions after all danger of frost has passed.

sunnyhills Sat 22-Apr-17 11:55:39

Barchester - which ones aren't hardy ? I'm getting confused here - no change there smile

BarchesterFlowers Sat 22-Apr-17 12:17:42

Sorry, I was referring to mrturtle's Geranium early mix.

I am fairly cautious where late frosts are concerned though, even my new hardy geraniums and pelargoniums stay under glass.

It was chilly here last night, 4.7 degrees.

Iamastonished Sat 22-Apr-17 12:21:32

No way. Night time temperatures round here for next week are 0, 0, -1 (South Yorkshire)

Beelzebop Sat 22-Apr-17 12:28:15

It is predicted to give frosts next week, Tues and Wednesday. I would wait.

MrTurtleLikesKisses Sun 23-Apr-17 20:40:15

They're back in! Will try again in mid-May. Thanks for all your replies!

BarchesterFlowers Sun 23-Apr-17 21:36:10

Sorry turtle! grin I know you grew your own but I do often wonder if garden centres advise the people giving them £ in early spring that if they can't keep things under glass/warm enough they are wasting their money.

Iamastonished Sun 23-Apr-17 21:39:41

Our local, family run, garden centre is always happy to advise when to plant out and when not to.

MrTurtleLikesKisses Sun 23-Apr-17 21:42:25

Well if I hadn't have done this, I wouldn't have learnt. I'll remember this every year now and be a little more patient. grin

Mermaidinthesea123 Sun 23-Apr-17 21:47:06

My annual geraniums usually survive 2 winters down south before curling up their toes so they should be ok.

Iamastonished Sun 23-Apr-17 22:58:01

Mine wouldn't. It gets too cold up here for geraniums to get through a winter.

BarchesterFlowers Tue 25-Apr-17 06:15:51

It was minus 3.7 here last night shock.

shellhider Tue 25-Apr-17 06:20:19

Ours are out year round and they are taking over the garden.

BarchesterFlowers Tue 25-Apr-17 06:20:48

What type and where do you live?

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