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Hedge and tree help

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AmIAWeed Tue 18-Apr-17 09:20:57

Help! I have just moved into a house and the Hawthorn hedge round 2 sides is totally infested with Ivy. I have spent a good 2 days this bank holiday pulling out the ivy on the front hedge and have huge gaps in the hedge as well as very little Hawthorn leaves at the bottom. The hedge is about 4ft high and gives us privacy so I dont want to rip it all out and start again. My plan was to continue pulling the Ivy out then plug the gaps. Thing is, I'm really not keen on Hawthorn due to the thorns so thought about adding a non thorny evergreen hedge in the gaps. Any idea what will compliment the Hawthorn and eventually with any luck take over?
Additionally I've always wanted Pleached trees along the front of the house. The idea was to have the hedge 3-4ft tall and the pleached trees to be planted just before the hedge, however I don't think budget will stretch to pleached trees. Is there a tree that can safely be planted (about 10 metres from the house) that will grow tall and thin? We currently have 3 silver birch that are too close, too tall and roots were picked up as an issue in the survey so if I have to pull them out i'm keen to replace them with another tree elsewhere in the garden.
As it'll be next to the Hawthorn I'd again like something to compliment this.
My husband loves medeteranian plants so I have thought about eyucalyptus in the hedge and a row of olive trees - would this look stupid??
Thank you

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