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Benefit of Patio over Artifical Grass?

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BluePancakes Sun 02-Apr-17 12:53:54

We're thinking of doing up our garden, and as we're in a very clay-y area, our 'lawn' is a mudbath during the rainy months most of the year. We've friends/neighbours who got artificial grass a couple of years ago and have said it has solved all their problems with the lack of drainage etc. I am very tempted to replace our lawn with artificial grass.

We also have a bit of a patio, which is full of weeds and at the least needs redoing (I think the patio is 15 years old now), but I'm considering removing the patio altogether and just having artificial grass over the whole area.
My DH thinks that it might not be flat enough for table and chairs etc, so would like to still have a bit of patio for that purpose, whereas I think if the grass was laid properly, it would be flat enough.

So, is there a benefit of having a patio over artificial grass (other than potential aesthetics)? And anyone have any advice about either, it would be appreciated.

MrsBertBibby Sun 02-Apr-17 13:41:01

My friend has artificial lawn and decking, the artificial lawn is fab for the kids to play on all year round, less hard on tumbles, and less clompy when they jump about.

RNBrie Sun 02-Apr-17 14:25:18

We have artificial grass and decking at the moment. We hate the decking as it's rotting and slippery so we are having the exact same conversation at the moment. I wanted to just have artificial grass but all three of the garden people we have had come to quote have told us to have at least 2m of patio or decking if you want a table and chairs.

My experience of artificial grass is that it is level enough to put a folding table and chairs on as that's what we currently do but that if you want them there permanently then a small patio would be better.

BluePancakes Sun 02-Apr-17 14:45:42

We have decking too - the previous owners incorporated the parking space for this house into the garden, and put decking over the top. So, I feel that we don't need a patio too. It's good to know that the grass is flat enough for foldable table and chairs, I had hoped it would be.
I like the idea of stepping out of our house, straight on to artificial grass.

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