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Help me decide what colour I should paint my fence!

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MumWozYer Sat 01-Apr-17 12:18:38

Any recommendations? I have been looking at Cuprinol in silver copse, but am worried it may look a bit dull. My last garden fence was dark brown and I really want something different this time.

handslikecowstits Sat 01-Apr-17 18:04:09

Firstly, I recommend Ronseal garden paint over Cuprinol because ronseal is a 'proper' paint which will cover existing colours and undercoat. Cuprinol is thinner and is more of a stain so the grain and existing colours will show through. You might want this of course, in which case you can discard the above.

Neutral colours are good and obviously go with nearly everything. Dark colours make gardens seems smaller.

My fence is painted in Cornflower (ronseal) because there are few blues in nature which are the same colour.

Also bear in mind that whatever colour you put on will fade.

MrsBertBibby Sat 01-Apr-17 18:46:32

I've just today done my potting bench in cuprinol seagrass

LapdanceShoeshine Sat 01-Apr-17 18:55:15

Is it smooth wood or rough? Cuprinol is only meant for smooth, isn't it?

Sweets101 Sat 01-Apr-17 18:56:37

I've got black which I love.

MrsBertBibby Sat 01-Apr-17 19:09:36

I am eyeing the fence in my photo and changing the kids' Easter plans.......

GingerKitCat Sat 01-Apr-17 19:12:45

Put the kids to work Bert grin

I have potting bench envy wink

MrsBertBibby Sat 01-Apr-17 19:58:43

What's your garden like, Mum? And what's the state of the fence?

GinAndOnIt Sun 02-Apr-17 09:09:54

Bert I've got garden/potting bench/everything envy!

I like quite natural colours on fences, like greens or natural wood. Our fence is a horrible brown paint and I hate it! But it's NDN's and he paints our side to maintain it, so can't really change it!

MumWozYer Mon 03-Apr-17 17:09:51

Mrsbert that colour is lovely. I'm thinking of painting my shed in colours from that range. I've tested a patch behind the shed with the silver copse colour and am waiting to see how it dries before deciding. I will try to upload a pic (am on the app)

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