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What to do with sloping end of garden

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sleepraptor Sat 25-Mar-17 15:37:21

We have a steeply sloping area at the end of our garden with decking around it, below it is a stream. It's mainly clay-like soil so get's pretty boggy. I can't decide what to do with it. One idea is to do it Japanese-style because I love the style but not sure if it would work in that area (I do have a stone buddha ready to go in there no matter what!). Another idea was to cover it with lots of flowers - my vision would be poppies, bluebells etc but again not sure if that would work on clay. It's NE facing but does get the sun as the photos hopefully show. Any ideas? Thanks.

[photos aren't working so I'll try them separately]

sleepraptor Sat 25-Mar-17 15:41:02

I'll try to add the photo now!

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