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digging up a rhubarb plant

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NotAnEMERGENCY Sun 19-Mar-17 17:01:33

I want to get rid of the big rhubarb plant in our garden. It seems to have a really big root system. How important is it that I get all the roots? Can it grow back if a bit of root is left?

ChuckDaffodils Sun 19-Mar-17 17:03:03

Offer it on freecycle and let someone come and get it.

It is rhubarb, it may grow back if some roots are there but you can just dig them out. It's not like it is knotweed or anything.

NotAnEMERGENCY Mon 20-Mar-17 09:24:06

Freecycle is a good idea - thanks!

shovetheholly Mon 20-Mar-17 09:58:19

Not a rhubarb fan?? smile

As chuck says, it may grow back, but it's not a dreadful thug so you can just root it out again. I am sure you'll get plenty of takers on Freecycle for a large, mature rhubarb crown!

AmmoniteGlitter Mon 20-Mar-17 10:00:55

Can you still move them at this time of year?

shovetheholly Mon 20-Mar-17 10:06:39

It's not the ideal time, but better now than in a month's time! They are quite tough - I have moved rhubarb out of the 'proper' season, and provided it is very well fed and watered, it bounces back.

NotAnEMERGENCY Mon 20-Mar-17 10:42:24

I'm not keen on rhubarb and I would rather use the space for planting something else. My OH does like rhubarb and is a keen baker so he has used it in the past for pies etc but it was really bitter and he had to add LOADS of sugar (far more than he is happy with) for it to taste acceptable. I'd rather he used the apples, pears and plums from our garden so I can enjoy his baking too!

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Mon 20-Mar-17 10:46:35

I would try and dig it up with a lot of soil and I am sure it will be fine.

tizwozliz Sat 25-Mar-17 09:27:12

We relocated some rhubarb in our garden, but it still comes up each year in the original place. I normally just dig up again and put it in a pot and give it away.

665TheNeighbourOfTheBeast Sat 25-Mar-17 19:19:43

Not if he added bicarb he could really substantially reduce the amount of sugar he used..(Of course it wouldn't work for jam)..But most puddings it works brilliantly.

QuackDuckQuack Sat 25-Mar-17 19:41:35

Are you sure it's an edible rhubarb? We had an ornamental one in our garden as children which we didn't find out until after we'd eaten it. Apparently they can be poisonous, but we were ok.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sat 25-Mar-17 19:43:37

I hereby offer for free- use of my husky for a few hours.
Just leave her unsupervised and she will dig every bloody bit of it out.
I guarantee it.

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