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Is this a good place to plant a veg plot?

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Marzipants Sun 19-Mar-17 14:53:03

I live in a medium sized block of flats with a communal garden. In the decade I've been living here there are only a handful of us who use the garden, and most of them have left now.

I'd really like to plant a veg plot, but I don't want to put it slap, bang in the middle of the lawn.

The ideal spot would be against the back wall in an area that was weeds but got strimmed back by the gardener in autumn, but it's pretty shaded and all the advice I've read so far says sun, sun, sun.

Would this area be OK? In front of the Rosemary bush. I'd leave a grass border around the plot, then dig out about 3m x 1.70m.

The entire garden is massive, and this plot would have the benefit of being a little out of the way. But are the trees and bushes going to throw too much shade?

Marzipants Sun 19-Mar-17 14:57:43

Added pic of potential plot (I've missed my calling as a graphic designer!) and one of entire garden so you can see quite how massive it is!.

shovetheholly Sun 19-Mar-17 17:45:28

What a lovely idea smile

It's REALLY hard to tell just from a picture, especially before leaves are out! But the rosemary looks like it's doing OK and the grass doesn't look too full of moss or mud, which is promising! I would give it a go - if you find things are struggling for lack of sun, you can switch what you grow to more shade-loving things (e.g, fruit and rhubarb).

Marzipants Mon 20-Mar-17 07:41:30

Ooh, I never even considered swapping or moving things around! Hmm, maybe I could get some rhubarb into the shady border too...

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