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The first rule of potting shed is YOU ALWAYS talk about potting shed. The thread continues.

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echt Thu 16-Mar-17 20:44:54

Here goes, and feeling bit cheeky as I didn't post much on the last one.

A fine autumn day here, with much seasonal clearing done. Now I come to think of it, is there ever a non-clearing season? grin

bookbook Thu 16-Mar-17 23:18:35

evening! just popped on here after being busy doing crotchet, to see the thread had gone pouf!
Thank you echt for saving us smile
It has been lovely here, and so much is popping through. I am loving some pink chinodoxa that are in full bloom. I already had blue, but couldn't resist buying these for my spring pot. And the hellebores are looking amazing too.
I do have a lot of dead wood that needs clearing - my beautiful Viburnum finally went - a hard decision, wanted to leave a bit, but those pesky Viburnum beetle were not going to give up .

traviata Fri 17-Mar-17 09:01:16

hello, may I join?

The sun is out and today is planning day, I have extended and cleared a border so now it's time to decide where things will go.

Hoping for jewel colours, I have as the backdrop 2 deep red roses and an orange climbing rose, a tall red/purple fuchsia, a solanum glasnevin (looking peaky) and a cotinus; then some tall salvias and agapanthus and crocosmia Lucifer; then the plan is for ribbons of salvia, with magenta geraniums, astrantia Claret, silver artemisia, cirsus rivulare, a few achillea, and a big miscanthus at the end of the border.

I also have a small leaved nandini to work in somewhere, and I seem to have bought a patio buddleia and a polygala which now doesn't work at all because the flowers are the wrong shade of pink.

There's not much for autumn at present, so I do need to do a plan of what will be in flower/have interest at various times. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

bookbook Fri 17-Mar-17 09:13:47

I have Asters - ( I love them!)
and dahlias are very much in again, but you would have to lift them .

traviata Fri 17-Mar-17 09:20:37

ooh Asters - good call.

I am worried about slugs for dahlias - I never use pesticides, it is all organic here as I love my pond and its wildlife.

bookbook Fri 17-Mar-17 09:27:21

Its weird with dahlias - I bought some 2 years ago to go in a cutting flower area at my allotment - all organic. The slugs decimated 2 of them, and left the rest all alone. In fact, the people next to me have an area 8' x 4' of dahlias that are left in the ground over winter , just mulched, and they are never chomped!
I have bought 2 for home, but I am not hopefully - the slugs stripped a chrysanthemum last year - within about 3 days of planting it was just stalks ...

Alice212 Fri 17-Mar-17 10:10:00

Ive decided mini daffodils are prettier than regular daffodils. Going to plant more for next year.

MrsBertBibby Fri 17-Mar-17 10:45:24

Try Nemaslug! I treated my beds on Monday and as if by magic the delphiniums seem to be allowed to grow.

AstrantiaMajor Fri 17-Mar-17 11:22:41

My resolve to buy no more plants withered and died this morning when I got an email from Crocus reminding me about my wish list. I will shortly be the owner of Acer Katsura, Acer Shirasawanum and cirsium. As I was deliberating, DH said we could put the new Acers in pots, if there is no room in the garden. I thought it was a sign as he is usually the one urging me to stop and think.

Eatingcheeseontoast Fri 17-Mar-17 11:26:54

Another vote for Nemaslug - it really helped in my sluggy back yard - only used it once about 5 years ago and not had much of a problem since (famous last words).

traviata Fri 17-Mar-17 11:40:01

thanks MrsBert and eatingcheese - Nemaslug it is.

SeaRabbit Fri 17-Mar-17 13:28:23

Think I'll buy Nemaslug too. IME Cosmos last well into Autumn, as do nasturtiums.

Bookbook re your question about your fork on the last thread - that happened to a 5-year old fork of mine & the garden centre I bought it from were really apologetic & replaced it free of charge.

traviata Fri 17-Mar-17 14:18:24

Astrantiamajor I just spotted that Waitrose plants have 20% off everything - I believe they are supplied by Crocus - perhaps you can do a bit of cancelling & re-ordering?

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 17-Mar-17 14:21:52

Hello! I haven't been on the thread for ages but I have been gardening like crazy. Have been making raised beds and today I planted 20 asparagus crowns. Now just need to wait a year or two to start eating them...
One of my other beds is going to be a historical vegetable bed and I have managed to get hold of some carlin peas and skirrets.

AstrantiaMajor Fri 17-Mar-17 14:53:27

Thanks Traviata. I had been putting off the order to see if Crocus did their occasional 20% off. However the Cirsium is on offer of 3 free plants so i think it works out the same price.

bookbook Fri 17-Mar-17 16:09:33

Thanks SeaRabbit - I did buy 2, one for home as well as the allotment and the matching spade from a local(ish) big hardware shop, so it may well be worth giving it a go . I may even go through my receipts ( I hoard receipts normally, particularly if they have long guarantees!)
Looks like Nemaslug for home is calling me too..
Astrantia - grin

Callmegeoff Fri 17-Mar-17 19:55:07

Ooh new thread , love the title etch

I haven't been on the thread for ages as I hadn't until today done very much gardening .

The mild winter has meant the weeds are thriving - I've spent the day yanking them out and thinning self seeded Nigella, plus I cut the grass!

I love this time of year, happy sigh.

Fannyfannakerpants Fri 17-Mar-17 20:14:25

Can I join please. I'm a real novice but have bought a house with a nice big garden because I love the idea. I have a south East front garden. Clay, acidic soil. I would like some plant inspiration for a cottage style border. From looking at the rest of the street, roses, lavender and aqaliga do well so anything else that might fit would be great.

SeaRabbit Sat 18-Mar-17 07:36:40

Welcome to Traviata and Fanny! Your plan sounds lovely Traviata, and Fanny I am envious of your having acid soil - so many plants that I like prefer acid. OTOH I wouldn't like clay everywhere as I'm rather lazy. What have you got already Fanny?

AstrantiaMajor Sat 18-Mar-17 07:43:00

Traviata your planting scheme sounds wonderful, I hope you will be able to post some photos later in the year. I have just planted Astrantia Claret, Acheilla and Cirsium too.

AstrantiaMajor Sat 18-Mar-17 07:46:31

Fanny, if you are planting similar plants to your neighbours, I think Gypsophellia, dianthus and Eryngium Miss Wilmots Ghost would compliment it perfectly.

Fannyfannakerpants Sat 18-Mar-17 09:23:39

In the border, there is already a repeat rambler up the front of the house. A miniature tea rose that isn't very pretty but is doing very well so it seems a shame to move it. I've just had a few irises pop up and a fox glove and some pinks I think. And lots and lots of weeds! I have created a new border so I can start afresh with that.
Thank you Astrantia, I love gypsophellia and will look in to the others. I'm not sure that I have a natural eye for gardening and was hoping with a cottage garden it might not matter so much?

Alice212 Sat 18-Mar-17 09:31:30

I'm a novice too - how long do spring flowers like crocuses and daffs usually last? It feels like they have quite a short flowering season?

Is there any spring bedding plant that is good for flowering long term?

AstrantiaMajor Sat 18-Mar-17 09:36:41

For the easiest and long lasting spring flowers I would choose pansies. No faff, just occasional dead heading of spent flowers

AstrantiaMajor Sat 18-Mar-17 09:38:58

If you have a Wilco nearby they have gypsophelia for £2. I bought 2 packets and there were 6 plants in total.

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