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How much would trellis on top of wall cost?

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united4ever Sun 12-Mar-17 19:02:42

Attached pic is my back garden. Would like to have a trellis fence (panels going up to height of neighbours fence) to cover the unsightly back fences. Then I would like to plant clementis or wisteria all along the back.

Can anyone foresee any problems with this plan? Can the back neighbours have any complaints? Think you can put 6 foot fence legally without permission but putting it on top of a that OK though it would be just the normal height of the neighbours fence.

If I uy the plants this month and plant at the bottom of the long before they are covering the back fences?

Finally any idea of cost for someone to do the fence?...we are in the north west.

Finally, you think it will look better? Any other advice

Thanks a lot?

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