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Thinkingofausernameishard Wed 08-Mar-17 19:32:37


I'm a bit of a gardening novice but hoping someone might be able to help.

In my old flat I used to have an amazing climbing rose in the garden. It was there when I moved in, so I have no idea what it was and I'd really like to get one for my new garden. It had large, deep red flowers, with a really strong rich scent.

Does anyone have an ideas what it might have been?

AstrantiaMajor Wed 08-Mar-17 20:48:17

David Austin or Peter Beale both have websites for Rose's. You may recognise the rose from there. Can you remember if it had single large flowers or where they in clusters. check out Ramblimg Roses as well as climbers as they can often be confused,

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