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Where do we start? Garden design app?

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Spudlet Mon 06-Mar-17 08:26:13

Feeling totally overwhelmed by our desolate wasteland garden!

It's been neglected for many years - the house and garden were both in a dreadful state when we moved in 2 years ago, and our focus was on sorting the house and then on our newborn DS. We've (well DH has) kept the grass in check and done a lot of pruning, but that's about it. There are no borders, lots of leggy shrubs everywhere, the grass is incredibly lumpy and there seems to be rubble just below the surface of the area I want as a veg patch.

It's not a bad size - about 8m wide and 25m long - and it gets the sun all day as it faces east and we have an open field behind us. It's just a mess!

I want to create a safe fenced space for DS, a veg patch, and maybe leave the top third as a wild garden, but I can't see past the current mess to visualise it... where do we even start?! Have tried a garden designer app but it was rubbish, can anyone recommend one?

We have essentially no money, so all of this has to be a diy job... however we have an excellent resource in FiL, who is a gardener (but currently laid low by longterm illness).


JT05 Mon 06-Mar-17 10:35:58

I'd take a section at a time, a bit looking good will lift your spirits. Don't dig down, where you want the veg patch, but make small raised beds out of reclaimed timber. There's loads of practical ideas for this on the internet.
Decide how much lawn you want and cut the edges to define it. With children you will never have a 'show' lawn so just mow and feed at the right time. Next it weed and get rid of any unwanted grass. A neglected garden will need a fair amount of weeding, just as you think you've got rid of them, new ones pop up. But they do go with time!
Later on put some cheap annuals in to brighten things up, relax enjoy the summer in the garden and plan your next bit!
Unlike the instant TV programmes, the joy of gardening is seeing it slowly evolve!😊

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