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Want to get rid of lawn - what to put down instead?

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whereisthesunshine Sun 05-Mar-17 10:00:04

I want to give my back garden an overhaul. It's laid to lawn at the moment, which doesn't work for me as I feel all I do is cut crass. It's not in a good state and gets quite soggy and looks untidy. There is also a veg patch which I use, and I would like some more solid flooring (for want of a better term) around it for easier and cleaner access.

What is the easiest way to get rid of the lawn? What should I put down. Would weed sheeting and gravel work? My aim is to create something which is easy to maintain.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

cestlavielife Sun 05-Mar-17 10:06:13

My (rented) garden has weed sheeting and gravel...the problem is that weeds come thru here and there and have to be pulled back bending work or sprayed. It is not - no maintenance - ...i preferred mowing every couple of weeks !

whereisthesunshine Sun 05-Mar-17 10:24:03

Thank you, cestlavie. I don't need it to be no maintenance, am happy to do some work. It wouldn't be the whole garden either, just a wide strip around the veg patch. Lawn around here doesn't do too well as it's shady and wet. Most neighbours have paving slabs in theirs but I don't have the budget for it.

Millipedewithherfeetup Sun 05-Mar-17 10:34:50

Gravel will be the cheapest option, decking, paving or artificial grass are all quite expensive.

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