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Dont know anything about gardening! Help

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miserableandinpain Thu 16-Feb-17 19:00:11

Hi. My garden is a mess. Well kind of. In the sense all the dead plants have not been taken away. Grass was cut fine. It just looks unkept. I am 31 weeks pregnant so will struggle to do too much. Is it worth paying someone to just come and tidy it up.

I dont know anything about what time of year to prune, weed, dig, plant.

Very very clueless....

So any tips on keeping on top of the gardening? And what is the average cost for someone to do a one off tidy up?


miserableandinpain Thu 16-Feb-17 19:01:12

Also there is a huge bamboo plant that sits in the corner of our garden. Drives me and my neighbour mad! Used to be an apple tree there apparently. God knows why the landlord changed it to that....

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