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Veggie growing question

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Titsalinabumsquash Sun 12-Feb-17 18:39:49

I have a small space in my garden, currently I has a 6ft x 4ft shed on it. We are removing the shed asap the space left will be mine for growing veggies on/in. The soil here isn't great it's full of big rocks and stones and it's quite hard and has quite a lot of clay.
I'm not actually sure what kind of base will be left under the shed it's been here since I was a young teenager and my dad has forgotten.

Now, I was originally thinking of putting a greenhouse in the place of the shed, but that won't leave me any space to a plant out baby plants apart from in pots on the decking/patio, so I was wondering if I could do all the growing in the greenhouse (albeit not much as the space won't be big!) or would I be better off getting one of those little plastic frames with the plastic covers for seedlings and then using the empty shed space for raised beds to plant out in? I was also going to get some fabric vertical planing bags to hang on the fence for strawberries and salad leaves but I'm not sure if these are any good.

I don't want to be adventurous, I just want basic veg/salads to feed my family of 6.

I hope that makes sense.

RedBugMug Sun 12-Feb-17 18:45:39

I'm thinking of raised bed. some planks (from the old shed?) in the bottom and sides and fill it with compost.

good luck!

RedBugMug Sun 12-Feb-17 18:49:00

I'm growing beetroot, leeks, courgette, tomatos (partly in pots), pumpkin (in the flower bed).
strawberries (also in flowerbed)

no luck here with carrots and leaves (slug and snails)

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