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can I still plant bulbs?

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freshstart24 Fri 10-Feb-17 08:21:59


I was scanning a gardening post on Mumsnet, and noticed that someone said they were going to plant bulbs that they had forgotten to plant in November.

Can I do this?

I love spring flowering bulbs, and was bought some as a Christmas present- but I thought I'd left it too late.

I also love hellebores, can I plant these now?

ChuckSnowballs Fri 10-Feb-17 08:26:06

I think the issue may have been better to put them in the ground for next year, than thrown them away. You never know they might flower. So get them in. I have some that I bought in a sale but when I got home put them at the correct depth into plant pots, so when it warms up they will be going into the garden. So you could also do that.

Hellebores are flowering right now so most nurseries will have them on sale, for planting right now. If in doubt visit a local nursery and see what they are selling, and if you are still in doubt, better in the ground that in the bin. I am notorious for buying stuff end of season that is barely alive, bringing it home and giving it TLC and ending up with plants that last years.

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