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Cat deterrents??

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BlueSpottyTiger Sun 05-Feb-17 19:48:29

Does anyone have those cat sensors and find they work well?
I'm looking for ways to stop my neighbours cat's coming in my garden; Firstly because my rabbits get totally freaked out by them and secondly because my daughter has just turned 1 and will be playing out on the lawn this summer and i have noticed two lots of cat poo at the back of the garden in the past angry.
Thanks smile x

Wingedharpy Mon 06-Feb-17 02:43:04

Yes, we do.
We bought it off Amazon last year and it has worked very well.
We got it as DH likes to feed the birds and neighbours cat would lie under a bush waiting to pounce.
Since we've had it, we've had virtually no more cats lurking in the undergrowth, though the odd one has dropped in to visit but not hung around for any time.
We bought the one that plugs into the mains as reviewers on Amazon said the battery operated ones eat batteries at a phenomenal rate.
They don't deter squirrels and don't seem to upset visiting dogs (visiting dogs were invited, not strays!).
I'll try to find the one we got and post a link.
Sorry, can't do the linky thing but it was called "PestBye advanced cat repellent with 3 pin mains adaptor "(adaptor can also be bought separately if, like me, you accidentally mow it with the flymo!).

Apfelbunny Mon 06-Feb-17 03:20:40

We are the only house on the street who don't own at least 2 cats - they get everywhere... We're at war with them..

We tried a noisy thing but half the cats didn't care.
Lavender is meant to work, depends on the cats though

What I found worked was to have chicken wire under the soil in flower beds to put them off digging, really spiky, dense plants like Berberis also helped a bit.

Still got 5 regular pooing digging visitors, but at least 2 are getting more wary of us after some good aiming of a garden hose (even waited up one evening to get one with a bucket of water so they wouldn't think night time was safer)

Failing that, running at them making noise scares them off and makes your garden too much effort.

(I'm not a cat person, it bugs me that dogs have to be trained and have responsible owners etc but cat owners just let them out to poo on everything and kill random wildlife. Then they complain about cats going missing or wonder why they get run over when they could keep them indoors)

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