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GoodyGoodyGumdrops Wed 28-Dec-16 11:06:49

This is my plant. I've had it 10y and it only grows when I transplant it into a bigger pot. I don't know what it is but I like it very much because it is very low-maintenance and survives my slack care. And fits on a windowsill. Occasionally it gets a knock and a piece beaks off. I've usually managed to root those pieces and consequently have several sibling plants around the house, all of which are growing straight up.

See those 'hairs' sticking out of the bottom of the U where the stem is bent? If I rest that part on another pot of earth, or on a damp paper towel, will it take root (like a strawberry)? Can I propagate my plant this way, and then cut off the sideways stem so that it can grow straight up and not keep falling over?

Ferguson Wed 28-Dec-16 20:10:12

I don't know why it should have decided to 'bend' like that, but Yes - I should think as long as it has some roots and is kept moist, you should be able to produce self-supporting plants from it.

It might benefit from a MUCH larger pot, good compost, and more TLC - Give it a New Year treat!!

NanTheWiser Thu 29-Dec-16 16:25:33

It's Crassula ovata - aka Jade tree or Money plant, practically indestructible! It is SO easy to propagate - any small pieces of stem or even a single leaf will root, just by placing it on gritty compost ( it's a succulent, so needs a well drained potting mix) and waiting for small roots to appear - it doesn't even need any water at this stage. When roots do show, just pot up in gritty compost and don't overwater it. So, yes, you could air-layer the stem, but could also just cut it off and root as described above. It might even look better after a bit of pruning!

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Thu 29-Dec-16 18:42:36

Thanks for telling me the name! I thought it might be a Money Plant, but wasn't sure.

If I can chop prune the bendy bits off, then I might just do that. I was afraid that that might be too stressful for the plant. Obviously I'll root them, too.

I like having lots of little Crassula Ovatas. grin

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