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Seed Exchange?

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redclover79 Sun 18-Feb-07 20:06:06

Just spent my first proper day in the garden, planting veg seeds in my tiny veg patch! Anyway, I have loads left over and wondered if anyone wanted to swap?! I have the following:
Parsnip Exhibition Long
Pea Early Onward
Organic Spinach Palco F1 Hybrid
Cauliflower Alpha
Cabbage Greyhound
Onion Brunswick
Carrot Early Nantes
Beetroot Detroit

Let me know if you're interested!!

preggerspoppet Sun 18-Feb-07 20:17:35

good idea, I have been planting away today too but haven't finished but will post again with my leftovers when I have finished.

hopefully tomorrow if we get another nice day.

redclover79 Sun 18-Feb-07 22:04:35

I'm planning more seed planting tomorrow too! Trying to get it all out of the way as I'm 7 months pg, don't think I will have as much time this year somehow!

snorkle Sun 18-Feb-07 23:03:50

Message withdrawn

redclover79 Mon 19-Feb-07 16:09:56

I will be cloching (is that a word?!) my peas, but none of the other ones said they needed protecting on the packet so I will see how they go! This is my first attempt at growing anything more than strawberries and while I would like it to be productive this is pretty much an experiment! I think what I've planted is all quite hardy though...

mooshy Mon 19-Feb-07 18:27:49

I have -
Tomatoes moneymaker
round courgette

few sweet peas
few passion flowers
few wild flowers
Would love some beetroot/onion if your interested in any of above x
oh and have some coriander parsley and basil left over x

redclover79 Mon 19-Feb-07 19:53:53

Hi Mooshy, would like your lettuce and tomatoes to try! I'm redclover79 at yahoo dot com!

mooshy Mon 19-Feb-07 20:52:13

ooooh my dh says i am a saddo for getting excited about a veg seed swap
I on the other hand am rubbing my hands in anticipation of lovely beetroot !
Will e mail you tomoz and thanks x

redclover79 Thu 22-Feb-07 13:19:50


mooshy Thu 22-Feb-07 20:28:21

Have e mailed you x

redclover79 Sun 25-Feb-07 17:39:22

Hi Mooshy, will post out tomorrow with a few extras: I'm overrun with seeds (I'd forgotten how many I'd bought!) and it seems a shame not to do something with them!
I'm planning to do more planting over the next few weeks so will be back to post again!

redclover79 Mon 26-Feb-07 20:38:21

Ok, so the onion and beetroot have gone! Anyone else interested in swapping?!

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