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Too early for crocus shoots ?

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smilingmind Wed 23-Nov-16 22:06:23

I am a very novice gardener having done most of my gardening in a hot climate. Sort of stick a twig in the ground and it grows place.
I'm now trying to create my dream of an English cottage garden and learning by trial and lots of error.
I planted lots of crocuses and other bulbs in September and noticed a few weeks ago that the crocuses and tulips were putting up shoots.
I'm in the Midlands and it hasn't been particularly warm this Autumn.
My DH thought I may have planted them too shallowly. I can't remember but pretty sure I did what it said on the packet.
Anyway covered them with around 5cm of potting compost but saw today green shoots coming up through this. The tulip ones are really quite long and thin.
Wondering if I should dig them up and replant them deeper, particularly the pretty frilly tulips, or would that kill them ?
Help please.

mummummummummm Wed 23-Nov-16 22:07:24

I'm a novice but I've seen a couple of green bits popping up so following!

Maria1982 Wed 23-Nov-16 22:10:47

I wouldn't replant them
I have had green shoots from crocuses in autumn this year and on previous years, in my old garden in London. I even had a crocus flower in autumn which I attributed to a very warm autumn and plants getting confused (climate change!).

I reckon they'll be fine, and I can't think digging them up would do much good, but I'm not a professional either

shovetheholly Thu 24-Nov-16 07:50:38

I am in the north of England in a north-facing garden, so many things come through a little later for me than for others, but even I have some green shoots of snowdrops etc just showing. I wouldn't worry too much about seeing the start of crocuses now.

Last year, I bought 300 crocuses to plant up a big whoosh of them in my lawn. Then I got terrible flu at just the time when I needed to plant them - was properly laid up for weeks. I didn't get them in until very late indeed. They still flowered, albeit belatedly - I expect they will reset themselves to be slightly earlier this year. Bulbs tend to be pretty resilient and can adjust a little.

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Thu 24-Nov-16 08:00:35

Tulips need planting deeply so yes, I would dig them up and replant.
5cm of potting compost is nothing, and is very light so it may blow or wash away.
You can plant tulips up to 8 inches deep.

smilingmind Sat 26-Nov-16 14:43:07

Thank you everyone. Will leave the crocuses but maybe dig them up after flowering and plant them deeper.
Will replant the tulips.
This is a steep learning curve !

shovetheholly Sat 26-Nov-16 17:08:42

Bulbs are very forgiving. I am sure you will be rewarded with an amazing display! flowers

smilingmind Sun 27-Nov-16 14:04:57

That's good to know Holly

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