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I'm finally finished (I think)

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BuddingGardener Sun 06-Nov-16 13:37:48

After lots of loses and a few successes I think my garden in finally finished, I posted a while back asking for some advice about my patio and what to put in my barrels I received great advice and have planted 4 hebes, 2 cypress trees and for the obelisk a golden heart ivy. They have all arrived within the month and have been planted in John Inness No 3 soil with added perlite. I put a layer of bark over the top to prevent the squirrels hiding biscuits in them, and sprinkled a bit of bone meal over the bark as squirrels don't like it (I read that on the internet) has worked so far. I did get 2 cuttings from the ivy when it arrived, due to me being careless. I put them in small pots and have kept them inside, they don't look good sad
I will persevere till spring smile and keep my fingers crossed.
I'm hoping it will give year round interest and colour, I did buy the rose from Lidl yesterday couldn't resist roses in November, it says it's hardy so I will wait and see.
Only thing I need now is some lighting inspiration not electric, I sit outside quite a lot when it's dry even when it's really cold and would love some kind of light or heat that would finish it off.
I promised my husband I wouldn't buy anymore plants grin that's why the rose bush is in the secret garden he hasn't seen it yet.
Anyone any ideas for light or even heat that would be appropriate for my garden?

BuddingGardener Sun 06-Nov-16 13:39:32

Could only post 3 pics at a time her is a picture of my ivy cuttings today sad

BuddingGardener Sun 06-Nov-16 13:42:34

Here's the rose bush in my secret garden, in reality it's a bit of the garden you can't see from the house unless you go past the shed wink

ChuckGravestones Sun 06-Nov-16 13:47:42

I promised my husband I wouldn't buy any more plants

Yeah we've all done that. Lasts about 10 minutes with me.

Have you thought of solar lights?

Personally I don't think ivy needs any encouragement, pop the pots outside as they are probably suffering from being too warm. If they don't survive then if you really want more ivy, you can always take more cuttings in the spring.

BuddingGardener Sun 06-Nov-16 14:33:37

Thanks I will put them outside
It's not the buying the plants it's where to put them, then they multiply
I have all my other plants away or I wouldn't have had room to sit outside
I've never had much success with solar lights I'm lucky if that last a year angry was wondering about oil or bio ethanol by don't know how much of a faff that would be,

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