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Please help me identify this tree

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WyldFyre Mon 24-Oct-16 14:25:08

I think it's a Rowan but the leaves aren't quite like the one I have in my garden and the berries are more orange than red

ThatGingerOne Mon 24-Oct-16 14:26:39

Mountain Ash?

WyldFyre Mon 24-Oct-16 14:48:14

Mountain ash is just another name for Rowan is it not?

shovetheholly Mon 24-Oct-16 15:36:10

There are many kinds of rowan! If it's a street tree, it could well be sorbus aucuparia 'sheerwater seedling'.

WyldFyre Mon 24-Oct-16 15:36:51

Ok. I've only ever seen the bright red kind

shovetheholly Mon 24-Oct-16 15:46:10

This might help you identify it!

Emus Mon 24-Oct-16 16:11:09

Looks like a crab apple tree to me. We have one with red berries in our garden (there is another variety with orange/yellow berries).

TimTamTerrier Mon 24-Oct-16 16:15:44

The leaves certainly look like Rowan. My DC's school has about 10 rowans in the car park and the berries are all different colours from yellow through orange to red, I think one of them might have pink berries.

shovetheholly Tue 25-Oct-16 07:12:06

Oh how lovely timtam - it sounds as though they've deliberately planted different ones. I think it might be sorbus pseudohuphensis that has pink berries!

In folklore, rowan gave mighty protection from witches. So good to know your DCs are safe from spells cast from a broomstick grin

ChuckBiscuits Tue 25-Oct-16 07:25:18

Yes it is a Rowan - and what's more the berries can be made into jellies.

Emus Wed 26-Oct-16 09:01:10

Ignore my previous message about bloody crab apple trees hmm! We bought a few young trees last year for our garden but I can't remember what they are so searched my phone and found a list of them, with the top one saying crab apple with red fruit. If I'd have red a bit more I would have seen that we also have a pretty tree with red berries that makes a lovely jam!! So looks like we also have a Rowen tree too as looks exactly the same - thanks OP as I didn't have the name of that tree!! flowers

shovetheholly Wed 26-Oct-16 10:07:28

Oh *emus - please don't worry, I'm constantly getting stuff wrong! grin

I didn't know about rowan berry jelly before this thread - I learn so much from this forum!

ThatGingerOne Wed 26-Oct-16 14:50:32

Sorry, didn't know that, only ever heard them called Mountain Ash smile

shovetheholly Wed 26-Oct-16 16:03:57

And you were right as well ginger!! smile

TheNoodlesIncident Fri 28-Oct-16 23:46:10

That is a Sorbus, looks like the variety 'Joseph Rock' to me (but there are a few yellow-berried varieties). There are also pink-berried varieties like 'Pink Pagoda', so it's worth looking at a few rowans, just in case there's more you like better grin. They're mostly quite compact trees so ideal for gardens...

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