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Talk to me about patios

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sellotape12 Sun 23-Oct-16 16:17:52

We're thinking of having 3 door bifolds put in our kitchen and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile doing the outdoor patio at the same time. It's a Victorian skinny terrace - identikit to many readers' homes probably.

Currently the 'patio' is a messy concrete slab which extends into the side return part of the garden too. It's about 15cm lower than the lawn, and has no drainage.

Do you need to put a French drain in as part of the bifold work? Do we do the patio now to ensure its the same height as the kitchen (so we can step outside in the same level)? And if we did have porcelain tiles put outside, would they get rid of the concrete or put them over the top?

Just thinking whether it's necessary to do as one job, or if we should save for after our kitchen work. And yes, this may be the most boring thing you'll read today.

MissMargie Mon 24-Oct-16 13:27:35

It sounds like a big job - I would get some builders to have a look at it, then they can probably point out the possible problems. Do you have maps of the site of the house with drainage drawn.

Would porcelain tiles be slippy?

gingeroots Mon 24-Oct-16 17:59:11

There might be more help over on the property/DIY thread

good luck - I hate building works !

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