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tress the roots of tomatoe plant

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united4ever Fri 21-Oct-16 12:11:38

End of the season and a lot of green or slowly ripening tomatoes on the plant. I heard sticking a pitch fork in the soil to stress the roots can force the plant to put energy into ripening the this true? if so any advice on technique - think it's probably only a week or so left before I will be picking off any remaining tomatoes and putting the plant in the bin (no compost here).


shovetheholly Fri 21-Oct-16 14:35:16

This site suggests just gently tugging at the base of the plant to get the roots to shift! I imagine it requires care. Lots of other ripening tips in the article too!

You can bring tomatoes in and they will ripen indoors, especially if you put them with one that is already ripe.

If that fails, there's always green tomato chutney! smile

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