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Cleaning a paved patio....dubious about using bleach.

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united4ever Fri 14-Oct-16 11:51:44

I don't have a pressure washer, just a hose pipe. I read the most effective can be bleach but I am worried about killing the garden. Do you just leave the bleach to evaporate? I don't really want to hose it off because the only place it can go is onto my lawn.

Another option is white wine vinegar and Bicarbonate of soda an a thick bristled brush...I have all these thingssmile. Would this mixture damage my lawn as well if i hosed it off onto my lawn?

Thanks in advance

aircooled Fri 14-Oct-16 14:06:50

Try something called Algon which you spray on. It claims to be `organic' so should be more garden-friendly.

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