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House plant identification please.

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Sosidges Wed 12-Oct-16 09:19:36

Anyone know what is is, whether it needs to be kept damp or dry, sun or shade. It is so beautiful with thick leaves but I keep doing something wrong with it. Thanks

NanTheWiser Wed 12-Oct-16 11:27:21

It is Pilea involucrata, a tropical plant needing high humidity (place it on a saucer of pebbles kept damp to increase humidity around the plant) and in a bright position but not full sun. Very pretty but might object to a dry atmosphere.

Sosidges Wed 12-Oct-16 12:04:02

Thank you for that. I really love this, but I think I let it dry out. Now its pot is sitting on damp pebbles.

Re your name, my kids always called my mum Nan the Wiser. If anyone tried to explain anything to her she always would say, "I'm none the wiser"

NanTheWiser Wed 12-Oct-16 13:27:35

Love your kids calling your Mum "Nan the wiser"! And I thought I was being original.....

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