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Box hedge compost

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sirmione Sun 09-Oct-16 12:46:18

Can I have a bit of advice please? Was clearly not paying attention yesterday in the garden centre & I picked up a 40l sack of compost specifically for planting box hedge plants in containers (had no idea such a thing existed).
Can I use it instead for planting the cyclamen plants in containers - or will it murder them?

shovetheholly Mon 10-Oct-16 08:24:28

Blimey, I've never heard of box compost either! I'm at a loss to know why that would be needed either, since Box is really happy in a range of soils from quite lime-based ones to quite acidic and is generally quite tough (though susceptible to blight, as I am finding to my cost).

My guess is that the compost may have quite a coarse texture - maybe with bark or coir added - which might make it less suitable for something like cyclamen, but really not sure? If I'm wrong about that, and the texture is quite fine, I would give it a go -I can't see why there would be anything in it that cyclamen would loathe?? However, others may have more experience of this and be able to offer you better advice.

bookbook Mon 10-Oct-16 08:47:57

Not heard of this either - could it be a version of John Innes no 3 ?
If so, its not really a problem, as long as you don't put seedlings in it.

sirmione Fri 14-Oct-16 11:19:21

A belated thanks for the advice. I went ahead and shoved the cyclamens in & so far so good. I live in France, so maybe special box compost is a "thing" here....

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