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Chinese Lantern Plants

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GinAndOnIt Fri 30-Sep-16 16:42:47

Anyone have any experience of these?

I got given a pack of seeds to try and sprinkled them carelessly into a pot, not really expecting them to grow as the pack had lots of instructions which I didn't follow. I only planted them in August too, which was against the pack instructions (I think, can't really remember). Anyway, they're now going a bit mad.

They originally grew only on one side of the pot due to the sun angle, so I started rotating the pot and moved the seedlings so they were evenly spaced out. I did that about a week ago and they're doing well. A bit too well - there's a possibility I may have scattered a few too many seeds for the size of the pot.

SO, as I'm in the middle of sorting out some beds further down the garden and planting bulbs, I thought I could transfer some of the small Chinese Lanterns to one of the beds. But it's nearly October. They will die won't they? Advice online says to divide in Spring, but I'm not sure they'll survive until then because they don't have a lot of space?

Or are they pretty resilient? Shall I just leave them be and see how they do? Are they going to die anyway because I planted them too late? They haven't grown 'lanterns' yet.

Qwebec Sat 01-Oct-16 02:41:25

Don't think it is too late to transplant. I live in a much colder climate and as long as the soil is not frozen, it's still possible.

HOWEVER, think long and hard before planting Chinese lanterns. You need to be sure you really want them because they are pretty invasive.

GinAndOnIt Sat 01-Oct-16 07:08:10

Qwe thank you - I had read about them being invasive, but having just read further, they seem to be in a similar league to mint! (We'll ignore the fact my mint is barely growing) - I think perhaps I'll just spread them out into some other pots instead.

Ferguson Sun 02-Oct-16 19:34:15

This might help:

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