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Help with my new hedge please :)

(4 Posts)
Titsywoo Sun 25-Sep-16 20:34:11

Just planted 7 of these to cover up an ugly bit of fence that I can't remove. Never planted a hedge before so no idea what to do to make sure it gets dense and bushy from the base upwards as quickly as possible! Do I prune it now or give it time to grow and do the first cut back in spring?


Titsywoo Sun 25-Sep-16 20:34:52

Oh and I planted 3 per metre as suggested

dodobookends Sun 25-Sep-16 23:05:06

How tall are they at the moment, and are they bushy or a bit spindly?

EnriqueTheRingBearingLizard Sun 25-Sep-16 23:16:51

I've got a hedge of these, they're taking over the whole garden, so in my experience, which is sunny location with heavy clay soil, trim a bit now and again in the Spring. You need to keep them under control and they'll keep coming back at ya. General rule of thumb is to keep pruning for a thicker base and these do send out long shoots early on in their growth.

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