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Help me make our gardens pretty?

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Houseconfusion Sat 24-Sep-16 13:53:00

We've just finished a sale and purchase with a dramatic finale but that's another thread - anyway.... It all worked out in the end and we are now unpacked into probably our forever home. Phew.

Can you experienced gardeners advise me on the following?

1. How could we make our front garden really pretty? I've planted a jasmine and clematis on each side of the front door and the garage which has been converted to my office will be painted. The conversion inished yesterday so the blue garage door you see in pic doesn't exist is now a bit window!) But any trees we could plant out front ? A picket fence? A water feature? It's sunny all day and a quiet village cul de sac if that matters. Just after a pretty garden out front. We've got lots of roses creeping rhyme and lavender from what I see. Pic attached. I love there elderflower trees but have only seen black elders on sale.

2. Out at the back - lush rich soil very very mature hedging well established vegetation - lush is the word that comes to my mind. Veg patch in picture three is rectangular against a fence gets sun and shade depending on time of day. Have weeded it. Can I fence it to make it look good and maybe fence also to Crete three sections? Do I put well rotted manure and cover over winter o be ready for use? I would like to invest the effort first before I plunge into planting stuff next year. I've successfully grown veg before. Maybe one of the three can be made into a perennial spot - if so are asparagus a good investment of my patience? And the other two could rotate veggies? Already have a blackberry bush an olive tree

2. We are thinking of outdoor sofa set for the seating area. The second pic here is the seating area. Any thoughts on outdoor comfy nice looking sets? Any ones you like?

3. Anddddd finally what adds beauty to your back garden? A garden mirror? Fancy water feature? Playhouse for kids? A pond in a pot for water plants (with a metal frame fitted on top obviously as kids etc) ..

The back garden is raised - so you come out do conservatory small patio - some steps and then the whole garden appears as a raised surface three steps above the patio. There's a walkway to the seating area

Thanks so much for any advise? More pics attached as well below!

Houseconfusion Sat 24-Sep-16 13:53:46


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