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when to stop liquid feed

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NotAnEMERGENCY Tue 20-Sep-16 17:35:50

One of my borders is currently being re-done and so I potted up various plants from that border with the aim of re-planting them there when it is finished. I have been feeding them regularly with liquid feed but as I understand it, feeding is only required in spring or summer. How long should I go on feeding them for?

The plants are: aquilegia, linaria purpurea, alchemilla mollis, anemone blanda, crocosmia, photinia. I also have cuttings from fuchsia, philadelphus, aucuba and forsythia.

Some of the linaria purpurea is still in flower and some of the alchemilla mollis seems to have just started (!) but the others haven't flowered this year at all.

JT05 Wed 21-Sep-16 14:50:59

Having moved house this summer, I am in a similar position with lots of my plants in pots until I sort out the neglected flower beds.

I have stopped feeding now, as the plants will put on new tender growth which will be susceptible to frost. I have identified a sheltered part of the garden to overwinter the plants. They also need care not to be waterlogged or too dry, over the winter.

NotAnEMERGENCY Wed 21-Sep-16 15:11:09

Thanks - that's really useful info! I hadn't though about putting them in a sheltered spot but it does make sense.

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