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What's your perfect greenhouse staging?

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Scentofwater Wed 14-Sep-16 12:55:32

My brand spanking new greenhouse will arrive at the end of the month, and as I haven't been inside a greenhouse since I was tiny I'm a bit clueless about what I need. Me and my DH are pretty handy so planning on making all our staging/ potting bench etc but I have no idea what I need! It's 8x12 feet so I'm hoping there will be plenty of room for all my greenhouse fantasies.

So if you could choose ANY staging, or get the perfect potting bench and shelves, what would you choose?

80sWaistcoat Wed 14-Sep-16 12:59:27

I bought some really cheap aluminium stuff from B&Q. Took forever to put together and doesn't fold down so the 2 bits of staging sit akwardly one upturned on the other when I don't need the staging in the summer....

What I'd love is hardwood foldable staging like the stuff halfway down this page here but I'm not handy enough to make it

PurpleWithRed Wed 14-Sep-16 13:01:23

My greenhouse must-haves are water and electricity: if you can't get them there then get an irrigatia solar watering system and a water butt.

And I'd NOT have the potting station in there if at all possible as it takes up space you can't grow in. Get a shed for storage and keep the greenhouse for growing.

I've never seen any staging I've lusted after, it's all much of a muchness. But if you can get electricity down there consider a heated propagator mat (goes on the staging with foam underneath to insulate it and a sheet of thick glass on top to spread the heat then capillary matting on top of that. Brilliant for early seeds and cuttings.

shovetheholly Wed 14-Sep-16 13:21:43

I have the cheapest of the cheap - click together staging from Aldi. It is surprisingly sturdy and does a great job. Am really happy with it!

80sWaistcoat Wed 14-Sep-16 13:22:36

I do have water and electricity - it's great because I can potter around sowing seeds and stuff in winter after work.

My potting station is in the greenhouse, as nowhere else for it to go - and it's quite handy not having to transport stuff - it's got a zinc top and shelves and is fairly standard.

Min Max thermometer is great - I got quite obsessed with mine - sad.

HaveYouSeenHerLately Wed 14-Sep-16 13:56:38

Oh I want to join the greenhouse club! Sorry to crash your thread Spent grin

I can only accommodate a little greenhouse, 4x6 (the door must be on the 4ft side). It seems like quite an unusual size. I can't find it in any of the cheaper ranges alas sad I was prepared to go budget as it's my first greenhouse.

The Eden Birdlip 4x6 looks amazing (love the green or black!) but a little out of my price range. Do greenhouses ever get discounted in the autumn/ winter? I'm trying to Google ex-display and 2nd hand with little success wink

I've looked at lean-to ones but decided I'd rather be undercover!

Scentofwater Wed 14-Sep-16 14:13:19

Thank you all of you! It sounds like folding ones are the best idea then?

Sadly no electricity possible. But I've got plans for several water butts and as I'm in Cornwall I'm hoping the rain will provide what I need. Our water rates are so eye wateringly high anyway!

Good to know about not having potting bench in there. I'll see if I can free up space to have a little shed too eventually.

80s I'll put a min/max thermometer on my Christmas list! My df has been trying to give me a weather station for the past ten years so maybe now he can finally indulge his gadget-buying desires.

Have I bout mine from the greenhouse people, it hasn't been delivered yet so I don't know if I can recommend them or not yet! But it was heavily discounted as it was one that had been opened. I think they had other reduced ones too. You need to look in their clearance section rather than searching by size. There's no way I could afford one so big at the normal prices!

Scentofwater Wed 14-Sep-16 14:14:40

* bought. Ffs daft tablet keyboard.

80sWaistcoat Wed 14-Sep-16 14:18:07

You quite often see 2nd hand greenhouses for sale - if you dismantle it yourself make sure you label all the bits...

And lots of places have sales - you could email a few places and ask or get put on the waiting list. Garden centres may also reduce display ones.

Definitely get a walk in one if you can - it's fantastic to potter in when its raining outside.

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