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Which climbers can I grow in containers?

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LeeMiller Tue 13-Sep-16 07:16:27

So, our new flat has a roof terrace with a pergola-style roof.We are putting in a 2m high trellis at the end that overlooks our neighbours to give everyone some privacy. I'd really like to grow some climbing plants up the trellis and pillars. The main issue is that everything will have to live in containers and I know they're not an ideal home for most climbers. We are in Italy so Med. climate, lots of sun, cold but not freezing in winter. I'm happy to pamper my plants with regular watering, pruning etc.

We need:
- something (evergreen) to grow up the screen and provide some privacy. The plants will need to live in largeish trough-shaped pots. First thoughts were passionflower and/or star jasmine as both grow well here but I'm worried about pf in a pot long-term and starjasmine is not a fast grower.

- something (not evergreen, but ideally not something I have to replant each year) to grow up the pillars (and possibly give a little coverage on the roof too). I'd LOVE wisteria or a grapevine for this but despite pinterest telling me growing them in containers is possible I'm worried they'll be miserable. A climbing rose?

I would appreciate the wisdom and advice of any greenfingered mumsnetters!

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