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Recommend me a (not too expensive) tree please

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bigboypants Tue 06-Sep-16 13:42:13

Hello, I'm looking for something to add a bit of privacy to the bottom corner of our garden. It's largely shaded during the day and has a (mostly) privet hedge running the length of the garden and a hedge of something rather untidy across the bottom.

Our nextdoor neighbours have privet across the bottom of their garden and it is insanely high. It does give us privacy from the house at the bottom of their garden and we've just been told they're thinking of taking it out. I'd like to put something in the corner to replace some of the cover from the windows when we're outside, not something that's going to dwarf the garden, just something for a bit of extra height over our hedge. Any recommendations? I'd like something evergreen but no idea what to look for.

bigboypants Tue 06-Sep-16 13:48:03

My reason for not wanting to spend a lot is that we're renting. Our ll is happy for us to do as we like with the garden but obviously I don't want to spend a fortune on something we will one day have to leave behind.

Hazeyjane01 Fri 09-Sep-16 00:21:40

I moved a year ago and needed trees to screen areas of my view, following removal of an enormous conifer ( great tree wrong place)
I found garden centres quite expensive and after many hours on line took the plunge and ordered trees from
Their website is v informative and also helpful with queries. Do you really need a tree or would a fast growing shrub be better, evergreens such as common laurel or deciduous buddjeia? Non invasive bamboo?
Also trees close to hedges may well struggle to establish as the soil may well be v dry and lack nutrients also may be affected by wind buffetting over top of hedge. Hope have helped a bit not hindered!

AnyTheWiser Fri 09-Sep-16 00:29:07

What about a holly? There are quite a number of varieties, with different coloured leaves, bound to be one to suit you. They're evergreen too, and the berries look nice.
The holly we have (fairly neglected blush ) has got to a good height within only a few years.
Be very careful with laurel- they can get up to 10 metres high!

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