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Plant ID - what can it be?

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MimsyPimsy Fri 26-Aug-16 14:33:21

I'm hoping someone can identify this plant that has mysteriously appeared in the pot by my front door.

I've been watering it lovingly, and I hoped it would sprout beautiful flowers... but it's just getting bigger and turning yellow now...

Thank you!

shovetheholly Fri 26-Aug-16 14:48:22

Gosh, the habit looks like a climber, but the leaf looks like a laburnum! Hoping someone can be of more help.

NanTheWiser Fri 26-Aug-16 15:03:14

I think it's Laburnum, too -, looks just like it!

MimsyPimsy Fri 26-Aug-16 15:05:27

Holly, I think you're right. Thank you! I was on totally the wrong track, thinking of some annual bedding plant that had selfset from a previous year...

I knew the leaf looked familiar, but I just didn't expect to see one appear in my pot, especially as there isn't another one nearby. I think I've tried to make it into a climber. grin

MimsyPimsy Fri 26-Aug-16 15:07:22

Nan, yes, I'm sure that's right. Thank you. Mine's shot up much more quickly than theirs, but that's weeds for you. smile

shovetheholly Fri 26-Aug-16 15:23:19

Phew! I thought the heat was getting to me there smile

I think laburnums can cope with some training - you get those lovely arches of them that are spectacular in flower. So you might be able to keep it in your pot if you're handy with the secateurs! It could be worth a try, anyway.

MimsyPimsy Fri 26-Aug-16 15:54:54

Yes, that's a good idea. I'll maybe try that!

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