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Salix Flamingo Tree- How/When do I prune?

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90daychallenger Wed 10-Aug-16 12:21:00

I planted a salix flamingo tree a couple of months ago and it's really coming on. I'm very proud as I've killed mint on several occasions in the past!

Anyway, the branches are starting to look a bit unruly and in need of some trimming. Given it's the first season I'm a bit scared to do anything too drastic in case I kill the bloody thing.

So what would you advise? Trim now? How much should I trim? Wait for winter? Can you please give me answers in very easy to follow English- I only found out what a catkin was last week blush

I'm a complete newbie gardener so any help is always welcome! This is my first time on the gardening threads.

Thanks so much

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