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Greenhouse/potting shed dilemma

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yellowDahlia Tue 09-Aug-16 08:58:21

I'm getting ready to buy my first greenhouse! Can't wait.

I've earmarked a large area at the bottom of the garden, where I already have some raised beds - it measures approx 20ft x 15ft, and I have a budget of £1000 approx.

I'm trying to decide though if it would be better to buy a small/medium greenhouse and a small potting shed (for potting and storage of tools, pots etc) or just a large greenhouse. With maybe the option of a v small tool shed beside.

Wwyd? If you have a greenhouse do you store stuff in it anyway? Do/would you find it helpful to have a separate area for this? Or do you have it but wish you had a bigger greenhouse??
Help me decide how best to maximise the space and the budget!

yellowDahlia Tue 09-Aug-16 18:51:20

Bumping for any evening gardeners smile

Ferguson Wed 10-Aug-16 20:29:35

I think a quick answer would be to have a greenhouse as large as you can afford, and can accommodate - no matter how big it is, in the future you may wish you had more room.

You can do potting in a greenhouse if you have staging or a table, but probably not a good place for storing tools as will always be damp to some extent.

yellowDahlia Wed 10-Aug-16 21:28:37

Thanks ferguson, I think I'm inclined towards the larger greenhouse, as everything I read says you'll always outgrow it and wish you had a bigger one!

Also we do have a shed already, it's just quite full and at the other side of the garden. But perhaps I need to clean it out a bit and be prepared to shuttle to and fro!

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