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Need to water Venus fly trap

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helenlove Mon 08-Aug-16 19:53:08

I have acquired a Venus fly trap from a garden centre and a quick google informs me that I need to water it with rain water.

It hasn't rained in days and I have no bottled water in the house.

I have some tumble dryer water.

Will it die by tomorrow? What shall i do? Please guide me!!

Ferguson Mon 08-Aug-16 21:26:57

It seems you can BOIL water and let it cool, then eventually water the plant. I don't think it will need watering very often though.

Also, the frost from inside a freezer, allowed to melt, might also do. And you can buy distilled water from some chemists I would guess.

This may help:

helenlove Mon 08-Aug-16 22:38:55

Thanks for the reply. I am going to buy some bottled water tomorrow as I don't have a means of filtering it before boiling. Or will try and catch come drips from the freezer door!!

GandalfsWrinklyHat Mon 08-Aug-16 22:44:57

It needs to stand in water, it's a bog plant so stand it in a tray and water from below, never let it dry out ever. About an inch of water. Tap water will kill it very quickly. Mine catches a lot of bugs, most traps are shut with something in them, see what yours can do on its own before you consider feeding it. Keep it damp in winter when it goes dormant. Full sun or as much light as poss. Lots of info available on the net. Get yourself some sundews, wayyyyy more interesting!

Ferguson Wed 10-Aug-16 20:41:38

Ordinary BOTTLED water may not be suitable though, I think it needs to be DISTILLED water, which you may be able to get at a chemist.

When we used to go to North Wales on holiday, in the '50s the mountain bogs were full of sundew.

TaIkinPeace Wed 10-Aug-16 21:40:38

Bottled water will kill it - as will any treated water - but not quickly.

Flytraps need to sit in a tray of water.
Start to collect rainwater if you are going to grow carnivorous plants (although my 750 gallons is possibly excessive)

For now, give it tap water that has degassed in the garden for a day or so (to let the chlorination dissipate)
but the main thing is that it must not dry out
and leave the traps well alone until its settled in rain water

and YYY to getting drosera binata - the best of the sundews

helenlove Thu 11-Aug-16 20:51:27

Thank you all so much. Thankfully it has started raining now so have started my rain collection

Fairybelt Thu 11-Aug-16 21:00:58

I use deionised water if I don't have any rainwater, most supermarkets sell it

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