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What tree is this?

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Whatthefig Sat 30-Jul-16 07:07:27

I've moved house and am excited to have inherited a very overgrown garden! I am a very (very) new gardener and have no idea what this tree is,could anyone help? It's driving me crazy!

Suggestions from others have been ash,walnut and fig but they don't seem to quite fit.

Bark is smooth grey/silver and leaves when young are very pointed and purple,as they get bigger they become much rounder. Between 5 and 9 leaves on each in pairs with a larger one at the end.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated so I can spend less time obsessively googling and more time outside exploring the garden! smile

JT05 Sat 30-Jul-16 18:01:40

It could be an overgrown bush, rather than a tree. Is there any evidence of flowers, seed pods or berries?

iknowimcoming Sat 30-Jul-16 18:09:56

Rowan (mountain ash) maybe? Are there loads of little baby versions dotted around? They grow like weeds! When you google it the leave sight look too long and spiky but the ones in my garden and quite round like yours look.

iknowimcoming Sat 30-Jul-16 18:10:26

Leaves might look hmm

dobbythefuckingjizzelf Sat 30-Jul-16 18:13:10

Pretty sure it's not walnut as we have a walnut and the leaves are much thinner and longer than your pics leaves are

aircooled Sat 30-Jul-16 19:59:36

This link showing `Juglans regia' has pics of new leaves that look very much like those in your photos. Perhaps dobby has black walnut, Juglans nigra, with narrower leaves.

Whatthefig Sat 30-Jul-16 20:36:06

Thank you all for replying!

I can't find any evidence of seeds etc nearby,or anything similar growing. I think it's been pruned (enthusiastically!) recently-would that explain why there's no flowers/fruit/seeds etc as it's all new growth?

That walnut link does look very similar,thank you for that. Am alarmed though that they can grow to 35m! Would attempting to prune it to keep it a manageable size just mean lots of new growth and it never producing anything?

It hadn't occured to me it may be an overgrown shrub-silly question but how do you tell the difference? It's got a fairly tall trunk before branches appear,would a shrub have branches lower down?

Sorry for the questions! And thank you for all your help!

EmpressTomatoKetchup Sun 31-Jul-16 17:51:16

Looks very similar to the ash identified on this board a couple of weeks ago.

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