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New Pond!

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Mycatsabastard Tue 26-Jul-16 22:47:45

Yesterday we realised that our pond has a leak of some sort. It was in the garden when we moved in and it kept emptying itself.

So we decided to put in another pond, a fibre glass one we had already so started to prepare the ground.

We had to dig out two massive tree roots and level off the area. Then had to dig the hole to put it in.

This morning we finished digging and then spent about 2 hours shaping it to get the pond to fit. We then back filled round half of it, started pumping water from the old pond to the new pond and then back filled the rest.

We transferred the fish, newts and tiny baby goldfish we found and moved all the plants.

The old pond is now empty and work will start on pulling out the liner and shoring it up in one end and then fitting the new underlay and liner.

Eventually we will move the fish back but leave the newts in the other pond which will be established for wildlife.

Whole lot done in about 12 hours work.

FarsleyLass Fri 29-Jul-16 22:51:38

That is a lot off work in 12 hours you must be k*******d. Two years ago it took hubby and me a whole weekend just to dig the hole for our fibre glass pond which is 6ft long * 3ft wide and 3ft deep. We have 12 resident toads in it this yearsmile

Mycatsabastard Mon 01-Aug-16 11:21:03

I love toads! We found a baby one in the garden earlier this year, extremely sweet.

We were absolutely shattered after doing all that. We were at two weddings, friday and saturday so on Sunday we scraped the mud out of the old pond (lovely!) and that's as far as we've got.

Really need to get on and get the original one sorted but we are away on Saturday for a week and although teen will be at home, I doubt very much if she'll want to start rebuilding one side of a pond!

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