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Autumn bedding

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MorelloKisses Tue 26-Jul-16 09:53:32

Hello everyone.

This is my first year of worrying about my garden, and I've made huge strides with the borders and pots. I've got a strict white flower theme through the main beds, the planting round my patio is slightly more colourful - white or purple/ pink, inspired by an established hydrangea and magnolia (and something that might be a currant), my raised herb bed with French lavender, flowering chives etc).

I've got some lovely perennials, summer bulbs and shrubs and have made sure that the combination means they flower in rotation through the year up to about October. I've also got plans to put in some climbing roses once the season is right etc, and it is starting to take shape, however lots of what I have put in is small and young.

I've padded the borders out with white dianthus over the summer, and for the pots picked up tonnes of white viola, cheap in Homebase back in April, that has put in a lovely show (but is getting a bit leggy) and lots and lots of pure white petunias. My father told me I was lucky with the petunias though as I bought them too early (before the last frost). I do live in a very sheltered London spot.

It is my little girls birthday mid October, so I want to keep the garden going through till then. I plan to plant white Autumn crocus bulbs in some of the beds, and purple saffron crocus bulbs in the herb bed.

I was looking for some help with Autumn bedding. To replace the leggy violas, and the petunias and fill any gaps in the immature beds. (White preferably). Any advice on timings to buy, whether to go for plugs, to pot on or plant straight out and good shops to go to.


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