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what's this nest in my shed?

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backtowork2015 Sun 24-Jul-16 09:22:24

Just noticed this hanging from my shed roof. Does anyone know what it is and what I should do with it?

AddictedtoGreys Sun 24-Jul-16 09:24:07

Looks like a wasps nest, have you seen any wasps around your garden? If you contact your local council they usually have someone who can remove them

Alwaysfrank Sun 24-Jul-16 09:26:32

Looks very like the wasps nest we found in ours after I had observed a wasp going in and out of the same place a few times. We bought a can of wasp nest killer spray which did the trick, but we were pretty sure it was only the queen in there. Ours was still very small when we tackled it - about 3-4 cm diameter.

fuckyoucanceryoucuntingknob Sun 24-Jul-16 09:28:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JulesJules Sun 24-Jul-16 09:34:12

Looks like a wasps nest.

If they are not bothering you, you could just leave it, they don't come back to the same nest next year. If it's an active nest and you want it removed, I'd ring the Envirocall number at your council,.

GingerAndTheBiscuits Sun 24-Jul-16 10:20:41

I hate wasps but that is rather beautiful.

WowOoo Sun 24-Jul-16 10:47:42

Yes, wasps.
I got rid of one last year as we are in and out of the shed in the summer. But I left the one that was right at the back.

I didn't get stung when I removed the second one in the winter. My youngest took it to school to show his class. They've chosen elsewhere this year, I'm happy to say.

backtowork2015 Sun 24-Jul-16 12:08:40

Thanks for the consensus, haven't noticed many wasps around and it must have appeared very recently, I'm in the shed several times a week and it's in a really obvious location. Just as a matter of interest, what do they make it out of and how quickly can they make it, I estimate it's appeared in the last 3 days, I would have seen it before now if it had been there

NanTheWiser Sun 24-Jul-16 13:14:11

It's made out of chewed wood - they've probably scraped the wood from the shed. Leave it if it isn't going to be a problem for you, otherwise get a can of wasp nest killer and spray in the evening when they aren't active.

dodobookends Thu 28-Jul-16 00:44:44

We've got one in our shed too - it appeared about 3 years ago, and is still the size of a golf ball or thereabouts. We think it might have been some kind of solitary wasp as the nest never got any bigger, and was only used that first year.

DancingDinosaur Thu 28-Jul-16 01:07:02

Wasp nest. Our loft is plagued with them. And they do seem to come back every year.

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