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Shrub/small tree to create some shade

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Tumtetum Mon 18-Jul-16 21:13:01

Our garden gets a lot of sun and I'd like to create a bit more shade as it's much too hot. The garden is west facing so I need to put plants on the left hand side of the garden by our fence to create some shade along the edge/middle - so the plant itself will get quite a lot of sun. A tree is no good really as I'd have to put it in the middle of the (fairly narrow) garden so that it doesn't hang over next door too much, and in any case it would end up shading more of my neighbour's garden than mine. I'd like something that I can plant in the border that might grow tall-ish and arch over. Ideally deciduous, not too slow growing, and able to be kept fairly narrow so it doesn't take up too much of the space. I think I might be asking the impossible!

Peach1886 Mon 18-Jul-16 21:20:00

We used to have an ornamental rowan (as opposed to the native one) in a south-facing garden 13ft wide, worked very well providing shade and didn't mind being pruned to stop it leaning over next door too much. Might be worth considering, good all year round as well.

Kwirrell Mon 18-Jul-16 21:35:35

I would plant a Weigelia and or a Philadelphus. They are both fast growing and can be pruned to keep them in check. The Weiglia produces lots of flowers in Sping, then as it finishes you will have the beautifully scented Philadelphus. I would buy the double one, can't remember it's name

You could try putting a smal arch in your garden and training them over it.

Tumtetum Tue 19-Jul-16 09:54:49

Thanks for ideas. Not sure about Rowan as the berries put me off a bit, I can imagine the children tracking them into the house all the time. I like the idea of Philadelphus, looks like you can get some tall growing varieties and as it doesn't have a tree shape it wouldn't look too odd if the neighbours ended up pruning bits that came over their side.

Kwirrell Tue 19-Jul-16 10:15:33

Just remember with Philadelphus, it fowers on 2nd years wood. In the first year only prune if you really have to. In subsequent years take out one or two branches half way. That way you will get lots of flowers, whilst still keeping It to the shape you want.

It flowers in June July so the best time to prune is early August. If you prune in Autumn or Winter, that branch will not flower the next year.

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