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The rain is battering my garden

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pud1 Tue 12-Jul-16 13:55:31

I have only had a garden for 3 months. It's mainly pots on a gravel area. I planted some bedding type plants in the pots but they are totally battered. I have quite a few petunias and I have had to take most of the heads off as they are soggy. My rose bush is the same. Will they flower some more it is that it. I got about a week of flowers before the rain got them. Is this just the wet weather or am I found something wrong
I have also for sweet peas but they are not flowering at all.

The only thing that's doing well is my strawberrys. I have not had many berries which I expected in there first year but I have managed to get about 12 new plants out of the runners.

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