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Artificial grass

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Packergator Thu 07-Jul-16 13:21:58


We are currently renting a house with a small garden that has a grassy area on a steep slope and a paved smaller section at the bottom by the back door.

We have a 10 month old son who is just starting to walk and will soon be wanting to play outside a bit more. In an ideal world (if we owned the house!) we'd landscape and level off the sloped part of the garden and put down some decent turf; at the moment it's all weeds and almost-dead grass. It's a nightmare to maintain because of the steepness of the angle!

However, we can't do this, so were looking at putting artificial grass down over the paved area at the back of the house. It's approx. 5-6 sq m.

Some friends of our have recently partly artificially turfed their garden and I was really surprised at the quality and softness of the grass (I remember the early days of prickly all-weather football pitches)! But they paid approx. £20 a metre for their turf. We can't really afford that much. Does anyone know of a good quality artificial grass which is a bit more affordable? Am guessing I'd need to buy some sort of underlay?

If anyone has any experience of putting artificial grass in their garden, please feel free to share any tips!

Thanks in advance.

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