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more plants to ID

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NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:39:42

Could you kind people help with some more plants?

This is pic A.

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:43:34

Pic B: Does anyone know what sort of clematis this may be?

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:45:50

Pic C: What is this?

doradoo Thu 30-Jun-16 16:45:52

Could pic A be a gladioli?

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:48:32

Pic D

HeyMacWey Thu 30-Jun-16 16:50:27

Could a be early stages of crocosmia? Had it grown from a bulb?

C is a type of weed.

HeyMacWey Thu 30-Jun-16 16:51:24

I think.

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:51:32

Pic E: This is a photo I took a couple (?) of months ago (so not in flower now).

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:54:22

Pic F: The leaves of a very tall shrub. Any ideas?

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 16:59:42

Pics G & H: I think this is the same plant in different locations. (Please correct me if you think I'm mistaken though!) I posted pic H before but no one seemd to have any suggestions.

Tinklypoo Thu 30-Jun-16 16:59:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NanTheWiser Thu 30-Jun-16 17:43:14

Pic F looks like Jasmine. I agree pic A is probably Montbretia/Crocosmia.

Ferguson Thu 30-Jun-16 18:16:27

Did 'C' have little blue/purple flowers a while ago? I think its a weed, speedwell (veronica) of which there about twenty varieties. 'D' is also speedwell, and has VERY TINY almost white flowers. (I must get to know the speedwells in more detail; they are all in my Marjorie Blamey book!)

MrsBertBibby Thu 30-Jun-16 19:01:44

I think pic G is a dogwood (cornus, or spindle). It isn't the same as H. Good for butterflies but a bit rampaging.

Does anyone know the name of the plant that produces little orange yellow puffballs on tall stems in early Spring?

NotAnEMERGENCY Thu 30-Jun-16 20:44:18

Thanks for all the replies! I'm glad about the crocosmia - I think the flowers are really pretty!

traviata Thu 30-Jun-16 20:56:16

MrsbertBibby is that buddleia globosa?

LadyB49 Thu 30-Jun-16 21:08:28

If pic A throws out a dark orange flower it's Crocosmi. Monbretia is a smaller version with a paler orange similar flower. Crocosmia is the more striking and it'll thicken up year after year.

LadyB49 Thu 30-Jun-16 21:11:54

Could H be a mint?

traviata Thu 30-Jun-16 22:10:27

Pic B might be Carnaby.

MrsBertBibby Fri 01-Jul-16 06:02:34

Traviata, no, sadly, that's lovely! This is shorter (1.5m high) the flowers are more puffbally and the leaves are smaller, lighter green, a bit rusty looking. It's fairly common, but I've never known its name, and I want to know how to care for it as they can look lovely but mine is really scruffy and meh. Flowers from quite early, March maybe, April definitely.

MissMargie Fri 01-Jul-16 06:18:41

I think h is dead nettle of some sort, a weed

NanTheWiser Fri 01-Jul-16 15:33:02

Probably Kerria japonica pleniflora MrsBertBibby.

nannybeach Fri 01-Jul-16 16:03:21

Think A is gladioli, c is a weed, birds eye speedwell, easy to pull up.Try putting the pics on the Gardeners World forum

Gatekeeper Fri 01-Jul-16 16:11:07

A) not sure about this being monbretia/crocosmia as leaves seem a little too corregated

B) clematis...possible Ernest markham or jackmans purple

C) speedwell- annual 'weed'
d) can't make it out despite nose an inch off the monitor
E) violet
F) possibly climbing jasmine?
g) dogwood
h) the toothed leaf one - looks like mock orange coming through

Gatekeeper Fri 01-Jul-16 16:14:19

Mrsbert i agree with Nan- it is probably Kerria although the puffballs are a more deep eggy yellow than ornage. We call it Batchelors Buttons here in NE. It suckers terribly though so once you have it it will spread all over like a bloody rash (looks at neighbour's specimen)

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